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Realized quickly

Just started your business? Or have you been working offline with your business for a while and would you like to start selling online? Then you need a well-functioning and fast webshop on which you can serve your customers, with the webshops of HEATT Commerce you are guaranteed a good result, the webshops are delivered ready-made, which means that you can start immediately at the time of delivery.

Are you a brand with a small range? Then your webshop will be delivered within 1 day in most cases!


What we offer within this framework:

Including assortment implementation.

A fully built and installed webshop that meets all the conveniences, such as an installed Payment Service Provider, so that you can immediately receive online payments.

Website based on rental contract for a fixed amount per month. (including free maintenance)

Other options:

» Logo design

» Media design

» SEO optimization. (for better findability)

» SEA for quick visibility

» Conversion campaigns through social media campaigns


Looking for a good website for your physical company? Then look no further, the HEATT Commerce websites are fully optimized and easy to use for every user, whether you want to use it for your company, foundation or just for yourself, we offer a solution for everyone.


What we offer within this framework:

A well-functioning, fast and easy to use website for you and/or your company.

Website on a rental basis for a fixed amount per month. (including free maintenance)

Includes useful plug-ins for a better site experience

Realized quickly

Other options:

» Logo design

» Media design

» SEO optimization. (for better findability)

» SEA for quick visibility

» Social media marketing campaign


Are you a busy entrepreneur and do you have your hands full with accounting and other important matters? Or do you have several companies and would you like to have more spare time for other things? Then we can take a lot of work off your back.

Benefits of this package:

Fast and professional customer service.

Fast order fulfillment communication.


What we offer within this framework:

» Customer service on working days.

» Fullfillment via external centres.

*Disclaimer: This package can only be delivered in combination with a webshop package.


Suffering from poor results due to a poorly functioning or difficult to find website or webshop? Then it's time for optimization, but what does that actually mean?

What are the benefits of optimization?

When you have a webshop or website, it is of course useful that you are easily found by potential customers, so errors in the website must be resolved to make the website faster, more accessible and above all, easy to use.

Outdated websites often have problems because they are not compatible with new software, and they are no longer easy to use because the standard has changed and this era demands a user-friendly environment. It is therefore necessary to test for speed and user-friendliness once in a while. After a short analysis, we ensure that your website is completely optimal again in all respects.


What we offer within this framework:

Analyzing your website or webshop. SEO, optimizing your website for better findability.

Fix any errors in your website.

Schedule a 2nd analysis interview for further evaluation.

Extra options:

» Optimization works well in combination with an outreach campaign via social media or via an SEA campaign.

The benefits of HEATT Commerce


By combining our knowledge and experience with new techniques, we have the opportunity to start projects faster than ever! This makes the costs for our services lower than the competition, but quality is not compromised.

Realized quickly

Assignments are usually accepted and started within 24 hours, it often takes no longer than a working week to complete an assignment from A to Z.

High quality

Quality and customer satisfaction are of paramount importance at HEATT Commerce, we build sites with the latest techniques. Marketing campaigns are carefully set up with Audience research for the greatest chance of success.


HEATT Commerce has a lot of experience in creating advertisements, building websites and much more, everything offered by us is professionally performed by people who are experienced in the services they perform, so we deliver good results, within a short time time and that in turn ensures that it saves a lot in price. In addition, we are very flexible and we can process all wishes, large or small, into a well-functioning, high-quality end product.

In short, a whole lot of reasons why other entrepreneurs and individuals have preceded you!

Are you still not quite sure about your choice? No problem, contact us via the contact form below for advice without obligation!

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