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Social Media Marketing

Do you have an online store, brick-and-mortar store or regular website that represents or sells your business? Then in most cases you need advertisements to create leads to your website, we offer an option to (partly) outsource your marketing to HEATT Commerce, our professionals will help you promote your website through social media channels such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube and Pinterest to name just a few examples.

What are the benefits of social media marketing?

Social media marketing is a 9/10 the Go-To option for beginner and advanced entrepreneurs looking to sell or promote something because social media allows you to reach a large audience with a relatively low budget. This is because ads are published by a self-learning algorithm, based on a user's search history and click history, it searches for a suitable ad and then places it on its own.

This ensures that many leads can be generated and every click can in principle be seen as a potential conversion. Furthermore, you often pay per click via social media and an automatic bid strategy is used that is conducted by the algorithm itself.

All this ensures that social media marketing has become indispensable for everyone, whether you have a restaurant or a beard oil store, everyone can use it and usually achieve good results.

What we offer within this framework:

Marketing on all possible social media channels

Setting up advertisements through your business managers

Creation of Conversion-oriented and Reach campaigns

Other options:

» Interim review and analysis

» Creation of customized advertising material


Looking for an effective way to get more leads to your website through Google, Bing and other search engines? Then SEA is definitely something for you, but what can you do with SEA and perhaps more importantly, what is it?

What are the advantages of SEA?

SEA is an effective way of marketing through search engines that uses a keyword bidding strategy, so let's say you have a sandwich shop in Dordrecht, then of course you want to be found on keywords such as: Sandwich shop Dordrecht and Sandwich food in Dordrecht. just to name a few examples.

Through a bid strategy and the relevance of your website's content, people will see your website when they search for a certain keyword via Google or Bing.

What we offer within this framework:

Analysis on keywords

Drafting relevant keywords

Full adwords campaign

Other options:

» Setting up a Google Ads account and campaigns

» Possible SEO, optimization for better findability

Sponsored Marketing

Sponsored marketing is relatively new in the world of marketing and communication, but very effective, and we explain exactly how it works and what you can expect from it. Sponsored marketing is actually nothing more than having your product promoted by another website or influencer, sponsored marketing is best known for the 2nd example.

An influencer who represents your target group promotes a product or service for you and receives a fixed amount in return, or if the influencer is interested, you can also use an affiliate marketing program, the influencer receives a percentage of every sale made with his/her promotion has been made, so you pay per sale and you hardly incur any costs if the influencer has not done his/her job well enough, affiliate works better because the person in question is triggered to make more effort so that he/she / she also has more to do with it.

The benefits of sponsored marketing.

As described above, you are in direct contact with the representative of your target group, which ensures a number of important aspects, namely: High engagement rates, more sales in an organic way and, in case of affiliation, a good cost per sale ratio. Furthermore, sponsored content via other websites is good for more leads and better findability.

In short, everything you need to engage an organic audience by having their greatest example tout something. These individuals have a major influence on the purchasing behavior of their supporters, hence the name "influencer".

What do we provide for you within this framework?

We look for suitable influencers and contact them to make a deal with you, after which we can provide media that the influencers can use as promotional material.

As a marketing agency, we can often get a discount on the services offered by these influencers, which ensures that you do not pay unnecessarily too much for these types of services. We only charge a small percentage for providing services and taking care of communication.

What we offer within this framework:

We look for suitable influencers to represent your company

We create media for the influencers to get started with

We provide good communication and save money for you on the services offered by the influencers

What we offer within this framework:

» Customer service on working days.

» Fullfillment via external centres.

*Disclaimer: This package can only be delivered with a webshop package.


Have you been online for a while and have you built up a customer base? Then it is never wrong to set up an engagement marketing campaign, for example via Email or SMS. But what does such a campaign actually do, and what does it achieve?

What does an Engagement Campaign achieve?

With an SMS or E-mail marketing campaign you ensure close customer contact and higher "customer engagement rates", which means that customers who have already bought something or have been involved with your company in another way, are involved again and the chance of a new conversion is greater, all this ensures that you get a close, loyal following.

What we offer within this framework:

SMS marketing

Email marketing

The benefits of HEATT Commerce


By combining our knowledge and experience with new techniques, we have the opportunity to start projects faster than ever! This makes the costs for our services lower than the competition, but quality is not compromised.

Realized quickly

Assignments are usually accepted and started within 24 hours, it often takes no longer than a working week to complete an assignment from A to Z.

High quality

Quality and customer satisfaction are of paramount importance at HEATT Commerce, we build sites with the latest techniques. Marketing campaigns are carefully set up with Audience research for the greatest chance of success.


HEATT Commerce has a lot of experience in creating advertisements, building websites and much more, everything offered by us is professionally performed by people who are experienced in the services they perform, so we deliver good results, within a short time time and that in turn ensures that it saves a lot in price. In addition, we are very flexible and we can process all wishes, large or small, into a well-functioning, high-quality end product.

In short, a whole lot of reasons why other entrepreneurs and individuals have preceded you!

Are you still not quite sure about your choice? No problem, contact us via the contact form below for advice without obligation!

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