From logos to menu cards

A logo is important for engagement, the logo, together with your corporate identity, ensures that customers will remember your company, which increases the chance of recurring conversions and reach.

What we offer within this framework:

Complete custom designed logo

Delivered complete in a digital folder with your logo in all relevant formats

Includes favicon design

Promotion material design

Do you have a company and do you want brochures, business cards and other promotional materials? Then HEATT Commerce is the right choice!


HEATT Commerce can provide all kinds of different promotional materials, such as; Business cards, Leaflets, Shopping bags, Menu cards and much more.


What we offer within this framework:

Design completely according to your wishes

Delivered ready-made and ready for the printing company

Other options:

» Print your design by a HEATT Commerce partner

Media design

A website or blog, but no images? Leave that to us! HEATT Commerce creates website and advertising media for all kinds of purposes, whether for conversion, reach or filling, we can provide a suitable design for any site or advertisement.

What we offer within this framework:

Product photos for your webshop

Photos for your ad

Advertising videos

Fill photos for your website or blog

The benefits of HEATT Commerce


By combining our knowledge and experience with new techniques, we have the opportunity to start projects faster than ever! This makes the costs for our services lower than the competition, but quality is not compromised.

Realized quickly

Assignments are usually accepted and started within 24 hours, it often takes no longer than a working week to complete an assignment from A to Z.

High quality

Quality and customer satisfaction are of paramount importance at HEATT Commerce, we build sites with the latest techniques. Marketing campaigns are carefully set up with Audience research for the greatest chance of success.


HEATT Commerce has a lot of experience in creating advertisements, building websites and much more, everything offered by us is professionally performed by people who are experienced in the services they perform, so we deliver good results, within a short time time and that in turn ensures that it saves a lot in price. In addition, we are very flexible and we can process all wishes, large or small, into a well-functioning, high-quality end product.

In short, a whole lot of reasons why other entrepreneurs and individuals have preceded you!

Are you still not quite sure about your choice? No problem, contact us via the contact form below for advice without obligation!

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